Reverse Mani

Sunday quickie cos it’s late…

Tonight I tried out Orly’s Magnetic polish in “Opposites Attract”.

It’s a navy/sapphire blue that looks violet under flash:


These are their instructions, I couldn’t take photos of myself doing this, cos this mani takes both hands!


So, you do one nail at a time and while the polish is still wet, you hold the magnet (comes with the polish) as close as you can to the nail, without touching it, for 10 seconds.

It was pretty hard – I got too close and touched multiple nails and had to start over again! I thought the magnetic pattern was going to be stronger:


Some other bloggers got really defined crosses, so either I’m doing something wrong or I got a dud magnet! Lol!

Anyhow, the magnetic pattern wasn’t “enough” for me, so I decided to do a reverse mani. I taped off semi circles at the bottoms of my nails:


And painted them Kleancolor Pearl Silver:


I painted Loreal Activate (Red) on the semi circles on my ring fingers:


Under flash you can really see the violet/magnetic cross pattern:


Under flash, my colour combo reminds me of Wonder Woman’s underpants.


x shelley x


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