LA Dodgers Baseball Nails

The girls at work suggested I do some sports themed nails. I thought baseball nails would be pretty cute, with the red stitching of the ball and all, so that’s what I did!

I chose the LA Dodgers because I had been wearing my LA Bones jumper during the week and I thought the LA logo would be pretty doable!

First I laid down my base colours:


First I used OPI Chip Skip, then Julep basecoat.

The red is L’Oréal Activate. The blue is Orly Royal Navy. The white is OPI Alpine Snow. I used OPI RapiDry for the topcoat.

Once dry, I used my white Stripe Rite nail art polish to hand draw the LA logo.

Then I used a tiny nail art brush dipped in a dot of red nail polish to draw the baseball stitching on my ring finger:


And this is the finished product:


I love it! It’s a simple mani, but the red, white and blue are really bold and complimentary. I love how the LA logo came out! That’s probably my favourite bit!

I have already got requests for NY Yankees & Chicago Bulls nails… but their logos are another degree of difficulty! Lol!

x shelley x


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